ePN Direct Connect

Your bridge to eRecording Jurisdictions

You’re a document submitter provider and you want to be able to submit to more Jurisdictions. You have two choices; you can either build your own software package and customize it for every county you work with or be limited by the number of county vendors you work with. Either way it is very time consuming, tedious, and expensive. ePN will reduce your time, headache, and investment spent in adding new Jurisdictions by dealing with the complexities of firewalls, county specific software and regulations, and the transfer of funds. ePN provides you the time to build better products and services to grow your business. ePN can even help you find new counties. ePN is able to provide these benefits with very low up-front costs and will dramatically reduce the costs associated with new submitter integration. You won’t have to spend money every time you add a new county. The net result is more eRecording!

Send to more Jurisdictions without the set-up customization

Secure and accurate fee processing

Increase your staff’s productivity

Recording expansion

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