ePN - The bridge to eRecording success

ePN bridges the gap

With its efficient partnership network, ePN creates better communication between document creators and Jurisdictions throughout the United States. ePN makes it possible for counties of all sizes to access the proven technology of eRecording and its many benefits: faster processing, quicker turn-around times, more cost effective transmission of documents, and more.

Eliminate set-up costs for new submitters

Imagine lowering your costs and improving work efficiency. ePN makes this possible. No longer will Jurisdictions have to spend time and money to allow new submitters into their systems. ePN provides a way for streamlined, effective eRecording.

Technology that bridges submitters and Jurisdictions

By providing technology ePN has built the bridge for submitters and Jurisdictions that have been historically excluded due to costs and size. ePN’s goal is to connect these networks to allow virtually all systems to communicate with each other, resulting in eRecording growth.