First eRecording Received in Hennepin County, Minnesota

HENNEPIN COUNTY, MINNESOTA – December 9th 2011 – eRecording Partners Network (ePN) is pleased to announce the submittal of the first electronic real estate documents to Hennepin County, Minnesota. eRecording is a practice that utilizes the internet to submit land records, such as, deeds, mortgages, liens, etc., quickly and easily. Title companies, banks, lawyers and many others can now submit their documents to be recorded without having to leave the office.

The new electronic process will offer benefits to both the submitters and to the county. "In addition to the travel and postage savings," stated Tom Kay, eRecording Project Manager at Hennepin County, "our customers can expect to get their recorded copy returned to them electronically in one or two days, as opposed to one or two weeks."

If you've received this rejection it is not related to a problem with your submission. This rejection originated at the county's e-recording vendor and has been fixed. Please resubmit; if you receive this rejection again please notify Support. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.

To submit the first electronic real estate documents to the Hennepin County Recorder’s Office, ePN worked with their client, Old Republic Title. Linda Larson, Division Manager for Old Republic National Title Insurance, is excited about the new way to do business with Hennepin County and offered the following insight. "One of the greatest internal challenges for title agents and underwriters today is the timely recording of documents," stated Larson. "In our efforts to reduce fraud and minimize claims eRecording may be the single greatest tool that has become available to our industry in recent years. Hennepin County is considered to be the leader in trends and technology in our local market. We were invited by ePN to be the first live eRecord submitter with Hennepin County and with their assistance we successfully recorded two satisfactions, two mortgages and a subordination agreement through the electronic portal. We are proud to have participated in this historic event.ePN and Hennepin County have worked together to make a tremendous product available that will change how business is done in our local markets. There is a large community of talented folks who have dedicated many hours of time and talent to lay the groundwork for the entrance of this technology. We are looking forward to supporting our agents in transitioning and utilizing this technology now available at Hennepin County. The excitement of this event is dampened by the recent loss of our friend and associate, Mike Cunniff, our former long-time Hennepin County Recorder. I’m sure he would be very proud of the accomplishments by his dedicated team and partners."

"ePN is excited to work with the Hennepin County Recorder’s Office to offer electronic recording to their customers," said Jerry Lewallen, President of ePN. "Hennepin County has taken a leadership position in providing a service that will improve productivity and reduce the turnaround time for the recording of land records documents."

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