Welcome to ePN

In today’s world of eRecording, specific partnerships can limit which Jurisdictions submitters are able to communicate with, and vice versa. By providing technology that opens these lines of communication and at the same time providing these technologies to counties and submitters that have been historically excluded due to costs and size, ePN provides the bridge for all submitters and catchers. ePN’s goal is to connect these networks to allow virtually all systems to communicate with each other.

ePN was borne out of the necessity to accelerate the advancement of eRecording. Submitters want to be able to communicate with any county in their region and Jurisdictions want to be able to receive data from all legitimate submitters. Currently these submitters need to customize their software to every individual county vendor software product out there. This requires expensive resources from the county vendor, county, county IT, and submitter staffs which makes it a costly proposition across the board. ePN provides the cost effective solution to eliminate this costly and time consuming burden.

eRecording has not become the solution we have dreamed it could be- but with ePN it will. Come join us as we change the face of eRecording for the benefit of everyone.